COVID 19 – Assistance for Consumers and Small Businesses Holding a Newline Policy

If you as an individual or your small business  currently hold an insurance policy with us (“Newline Underwriting Management Limited Syndicate 1218 at Lloyd’s or Newline Insurance Company”) and are presently  experiencing temporary financial difficulties making payments as required by the policy or you find the  terms of cover are beyond what you require during these exceptional times, Newline and your insurance broker are standing by to help you.

In the first instance, we would recommend that you contact the insurance broker involved with your policy and explain to them the support that would assist you.  They will then be able to speak with Newline on your behalf to see how we can assist you or your  small  business at this difficult time.

Please refer to your policy documents for contact details of your broker.

UPDATED 26 May 2020