Newline Group is a recognised market leader in Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance and has the knowledge and experience to meet the challenging demands of insureds, both large and small, offering solid security and tailored coverage.

Medical Malpractice is underwritten on a claims-made basis and costs can be inclusive or in addition to the limit depending on the jurisdiction.

Newline Group underwrites business on a worldwide basis, excluding only those risks domiciled in the United States, or where subjected to applicable sanctions or restrictions. Target risks include:

  • Public health authorities
  • Public and private multi-hospital systems
  • Public and private free-standing hospitals
  • Academic medical centres
  • Private clinics
  • Larger (25+) groups of physicians, surgeons, dentists, allied and complementary health practitioners

Newline Group is willing to package Medical Malpractice with other coverages, including Third-Party Liability, Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity, etc., in order to create bespoke package policies.


Worldwide, excluding the United States GBP 10.0m
EUR 15.0m
USD 15.0m
CAD 17.5m
AUD 25.0m
(or local currency equivalent) per claim subject to an annual aggregate

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