In an increasingly litigious environment, professional indemnity exposures could be costly for your bottom line and cause damage to your reputation.

At Newline, we have a vast amount of underwriting experience with PI underwriters in London, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Mexico City and Toronto.    

Target Professions

Out of Scope Professions

  • Accountants
  • IFA’s
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Tech E&O
  • Design & Construction
  • Media E&O (primary)
  • Educational Institutions
  • Single Project PI
  • Insurance Brokers & Intermediaries
  • Solicitors / Lawyers
  • Surveyors
  • Miscellaneous


  • Company and Lloyd’s Syndicate Capacity
  • Any One Claim and Aggregate limits
  • Primary and Excess attachments
  • 100% lines or on a lead/follow co-insurance

Territorial Appetite

  • Worldwide excluding business domiciled in the United States


  • GBP 10,000,000 capacity (or equivalent in other currencies)
  • Primary, Excess, Co-insurance, Reinsurance

Additional Services (UK & Ireland)

We are working with Caytons to provide current policyholders in the UK and Ireland with a contract review service. This service can help policyholders mitigate exposure to professional liability claims and avoid unfavorable or inadequate terms in their contractual documentation.

See more information about our services in the UK. 

See more information about our services in Ireland.



      Worldwide GBP 10.0m
      EUR 15.0m
      USD 15.0m
      CAD 17.5m
      AUD 25.0m
      (or local currency equivalent) per risk
      Lloyd’s of London
      Gallery 1, Box 170
      Hours Daily
      11:30 am to 1:00 pm
      2:30 pm to 4:30 pm